ICMC papers

My paper entitled “Using motiongrams in the study of musical gestures” was accepted to ICMC 06 in New Orleans. The abstract is:

Navigating through hours of video material is often time-consuming, and it is similarly difficult to create good visualization of musical gestures in such a material. Traditional displays of time-sampled video frames are not particularly useful when studying single-shot studio recordings, since they present a series of still images and very little movement related information. We have experimented with different types of motion displays, and present how we use motiongrams in our study of musical gestures.

And a paper entitled “Using a polhemus liberty electromagnetic tracker for gesture control of spatialization” which I co-wrote with Mark Marshall, Nils Peters, Julien Boissinot and Marcelo Wanderley at McGill was also accepted. The abstract of that one is:

This paper presents our current approach in using a Polhemus Liberty electromagnetic tracker for controlling spatialization in a performance setup for small ensemble. We are developing a Gesture Description Interchange Format (GDIF) to standardize the way gesture-related information is stored and shared in a networked computer setup. Examples are given of our current GDIF namespace, the gesture tracking subsystem developed to use this namespace and patches written to control spatialization and mapping using gesture data.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.