NIME 06 Installations

Still trying to get through all my notes from Resonances… Of the many installations at NIME 06, I found three of them particularly interesting:

  • musical loomMusical Loom by Kingsley Ng was based around an old loom standing in a dark room (or rather a “tent” built between the entrances to the toilets…). It was possible to “play” the loom and sounds and images would appear. The technical setup was built with a combination of infrared cameras and ultrasound sensors, and using EyesWeb for control.
  • speakers16:9 by Daniel Teige & Martin Rumori was a large wall with 64 small speakers. The user could control sounds around the surface with a wireless touchscreen. A quite simple idea, but it worked very well!
  • Seule avec loup by N+N Corsino was a big audiovisual installation down in the basement of Centre Pompidou. What I found most fascinating was a 10 meter wall of electrostatical speakers projecting sound using wavefield synthesis. The additional surround speakers added more directivity to the sounds, but the shear size of this wavefield setup made it possible to really hear how great this sound propagation technique is. Sensors in the floor should have made it possible to control the position of the viewer in space, but I didn’t really get this part…

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.