Alexander Refsum Jensenius, BA, MA, MSc, PhD [he/him] is a music researcher and research musician. He is a professor of music technology and Director of RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Rhythm, Time and Motion. He studies how and why people move to music in the fourMs Lab and uses this knowledge to create new music with untraditional instruments. He is widely published, including the monograph Sound Actions and the Sonic Design and A NIME Reader anthologies. As a member of the EUA Expert Group on Open Science, he is involved in modernizing how research is conceived and conducted. He has also been experimenting with new educational approaches through the online courses Music Moves, Motion Capture, and Pupillometry. Alexander received a multi-disciplinary bachelor’s degree in music and mathematics and a master’s in musicology from the University of Oslo. He then completed a master’s in applied information technology at the Chalmers University of Technology before pursuing a PhD in music technology at the University of Oslo. He has been a visiting researcher at UC Berkeley (CNMAT), McGill University (IDMIL), and KTH (TMH). He was Head of the Department of Musicology from 2013-2016 and led the Steering Committee of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression from 2011-2022.

Alexander Refsum Jensensius standing still for ten minutes