Unofficial ERC Starting Grant LaTeX template

erc2013-B1After I mentioned that I used LaTeX for an ERC Starting Grant application in a previous blog post, I have gotten several questions from people about what type of LaTeX template I used. Unfortunately, the ERC does not provide any LaTeX template, only templates for MS Word and OpenOffice. My scientific workflow is so dependent on LaTeX/BibTeX that I decided to recreate a LaTeX document setup that resembled the MS Word template. The end result is not identical to the MS Word output, but it is pretty close. The most important is that I did not get any complaints from the ERC about the looks of the document (and I made it to the final Brussel interviews last year, though not getting funded, unfortunately).

Sharing is fun, so if anyone wants to save a little bit of time, here you can get a stripped-down version of my LaTeX file:

Please be aware that this template is absolutely unofficial. Also, the ERC tends to change the template a little from year to year, so you should always check with the latest MS Word template. Good luck with the application writing!

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