MSP tilde in LaTeX

I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to create a nice tilde (~) for writing the name of Max/MSP externals in LaTeX (e.g. dac~), so I figured I could post the solution in case anyone else wonders. First I tried using \tilde{} and \widetilde{}, but they didn’t look nice. However, this little thing does the trick:


I guess you need the math environment to get this working. I have the following in my preamble:


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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

6 thoughts on “MSP tilde in LaTeX”

  1. Thanks mate — was looking for how to do this. Every time I added ~ or \tilde in math mode, it always added a tilde accent over the proceeding character. Works great – thanks for posting this so others can benefit.

  2. Thanks Alexander! I’ve had use for this post a few times now since it’s easier to go to this post than to dig up old documents.

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