Remove chapter and part text from LaTeX documents

When using the \part and \chapter tags in LaTeX you will typically end up with parts and chapters that say “part” and “chapter” before the name you have written. Putting these lines in your preamble will remove this:


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  1. Other interesting commands:


    \vspace{-1.125in} %\titlerule \filleft \Large \chaptertitlename\ \Large\thechapter
    {\filleft \Large\thechapter. }[\vspace{0.5mm} \bigrule]

  2. Can you add what each line does?

    Also I get strange errors when I added another language with babel. Or I think that was the cause because after I changed language those texts are back like “Chapter” etc. The numbers are gone but the text are placed wrong as if the numbers was still there so it looks like shit.

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