I am currently working on a paper describing some further exploration of the sonifyer technique and module that I have previously published on. The new thing is that I am now using the inputs from a Kinect device as the source material for the sonification, which opens up for using also the depth in the image as an element in the process.

To be able to create figures for the paper, I needed to record the input from a Kinect to a regular video file. For that reason I have created a small Max patch called KinectRecorder, which allows for easy recording of one combined video file from the two inputs (regular video image and depth image) from the Kinect. As the screenshot below shows, there is not much more to the patch than starting the video input from the Kinect, and then start the recording. Files will be stored as with MJPEG compression and named with the current date and time.


The patch is not particularly fancy, but I imagine that it could be useful for other people interested in recording video from the Kinect, either for analytical applications or for testing performance setups when not having access to a Kinect device. So here it is:

Below is a short video recorded with the patch, showing some basic movement patterns. This video is not particularly interesting in itself, but I can reveal that it actually leads to some interesting sonic results when run through my sonifyer technique. More on that later…

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.