ICMC 2006 – Wednesday 8 (Day 3)

Interesting things from ICMC 2006 day 3:

Philippe Kocher (ICST) had a very nice presentation of the ICST ambisonics modules he has made together with Jan Schacher. This is a great set of tools that Trond Lossius has implemented in Jamoma.

Jason Freeman (Georgia Tech) presented iTunes Signature Maker which will create a short musical signature based on some simple statistics gathered from iTunes.


Christopher Dobrian’s (UC Irvine) piece for Korean flute and electronics was very subtle and beautiful.


Nils, Mark (on video) and I presented our paper on gesture control of spatialization.


Ananya Misra (Princeton) presented Tapestrea.


Doug van Nort (McGill) presented his LOM mapping toolbox, which I hope will be incorporated in Jamoma at some point.


Talking about sound and spatialization: the most captivating surround sound experience during ICMC was made by an old player-organ installed on the roof of Steamboat Natchez. The sound bouncing off the nearby tall buildings and a passing train was just incredible!


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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.