ICMC 2006 – Tuesday 7 (Day 2)

Interesting things from ICMC 2006 day 2:

Tim Place presented Jamoma.


Golan Levin presented a very interesting project on spectrographic performance, where a large table with a projected image is “scanned” sequentially and synthesized as a frequency spectrum. So the table would serve as a performance space where physical objects could be moved around to create various rhythmic patterns and timbres.



Masatoshi Hamanaka (JST, Tokyo) held a great presentation of a spatialization project were the user wears headpones with orientation sensors, and can listen to various instruments in a mix by turning around and holding a hand close to the ear. The video he showed was great, so I hope he will put it online.


Woon Seung Yeo (CCRMA) had a poster about BRBI, a music ball for controlling sounds. The coolest part of this was that it is based on witilt a ready-made 3D-accelerometer with bluetooth connectivity.


Hans Tutschku (HUSEAC, Harvard) played Das bleierne klaver for piano and electronics. His technique of adding massive textures to single note attacks was very interesting.


In between the concerts, people enjoyed the nice weather outside the auditorium.


Ajay Kapur (MISTIC, Victoria) showed an augmented sitar and a four headed drumming robot.


There were some interesting pieces during the evening concert:


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