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Seems like the new MT9 format, or Music 2.0 as the company Audizen calls it, is all over the news these days. The idea is simple, and has been explored for years in the research community: distribute multichannel audio, so that the end user can have control over the single tracks. The problem of course is to make this into a standard, and I see many challenges in how this could be implemented:

  • How should the division of sounds be?
  • Should every track be totally independent of the others, or would there be room for leakage between tracks (e.g. reverberation).
  • Is it intended for 2 channel tracks only. How would they handle panning/spatialisation and multichannel tracks?

It would be interesting to read the specification of the format to see how they are going to approach this. Anyway, it is great to see these things approach the mass market! I am quite sure we will see lots of such “active music” approaches in the years to come.


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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

2 thoughts on “MT9 format”

  1. Hi there,

    yeah, all over the news, and I can’t find anything to try it out. Many errors on their website.

    On the other hand I have found iklax, a multitrack audio format. The company offers free software to produce and listen, and it works. Am surprised not to hear more of this one as it seems a lot more finalized.


  2. Yup, Intresting but your questions are also makes sence, but i tried to find information about mt9 . i dont see much but found a new community website for mt9 . I have posted questions too in that site.. lets wait and see the market.



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