eLearning getting to UiO

I have been complaining about the poor support for eLearning solutions at the University of Oslo for some years. I have tried Fronter, but find it too closed and rigid for what I want to do. I like that course information is open and easily available for everyone, but so far the standard course pages have been very much focused on basic information only.

I recently discovered that things have improved a lot under the surface, and that it is now possible to give students access to add information to folders under the course web sites. This makes it so much easier to ask students to publish their exercises online, something which used to be a challenge when they had to do it the old-style way.

In case there are anyone from UiO reading this, you can read more about the new Vortex features here (in Norwegian) . I also hear rumours that there will be support for podcasting and other rich media in the near future. Now we are talking!

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.