Tim Place on parameter control

Gregory Taylor has made an interview with Tim Place about Hipno. It is interesting how he comments about the Hipnoscope control:

The Hipnoscope does something that I’m quite proud of, which is that it allows you to quickly audition a plug-in and some of its possibilities. But at the same time it really rewards those who are patient explorers that spend time really focusing on subtleties offers. I still find myself surprised at the results I get sometimes – the Hipnoscope creates this palette where there is an almost infinite range of subtlety with some of the plug-ins. Many plug-ins would not exist without the scope, because without it they really aren’t anything new. For example, the CrackVerb plug-in is basically a reverb. No one needs another reverb.

I really think control issues is the most important task in music technology today. There are so many plugins, filters and effects, with an ever-growing number of control parameters. The challenge is not building more advanced audio effects, with more parameters or presets, but rather to figure out how to better control them in realtime, with our body!


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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.