Misc. OSC stuff

I got to learn about a number of interesting OSC-related stuff during the OSC developers’ meeting at NIME today:

  • HID2OSC from the KeyWorx people
  • OSCmap from Rémy Muller (IRCAM) where you can either manually build your OSC namespace with as a tree or let the OSC learn do the job for you. you can also save the namespaces for later reuse. Then you can link source and target adresses. It is available for both OSX and Windows.
  • OSCgroups by Ross Bencina is a system for routing OSC messages between a group of collaborating users. It is designed to make joining and leaving a group simple, and to overcome the problem of connecting multiple users behind different NAT routers using a NAT traversal server with the usual “NAT hole punching” scheme (you can put that into google for more info). OSCgroups also implements basic group functionality similar to the concept of channels in internet relay chat.

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