There are so many things happening, so I’m seriously lagging behind in writing up my summaries about what is going on. Here are some interesting things:

  • The McGill group had a rendez-vous with Serge de Laubier and his Metainstrument. It looks cool, and it was great fun trying it on, although it will require much more than my 5 minutes to master all the mappings.
  • A group of OSC interested people had a two hour meeting, discussing some relevant topics. The Jazzmutant people had written a suggestion for extending OSC, with schema and classes, and a system for querying and advertising information on the network. Hopefully Matt (or someone else) writes a summary of the discussion.
  • The KeyWorx people have open sourced their software and are developing it in a new direction.
  • Greg Schiemer presented his Pocket Gamelan project.
  • Bill Gaver (Goldsmith’s) held a fascinating keynote, presenting his “early” work on SonicFinder, ARKola, and the DriftTable.
  • Christopher Dobrian and Daniel Koppelman discussed the E(xpression) in NIME.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.