Liquid Vapor

I performed in the open form piece Liquid Vapor by Else Olsen S. yesterday. The performance was special in many ways.

First, electronic music pioneer Pauline Oliveros was also performing in the piece. She performed electric accordeon and live electronics, a great combination.
Pauline Oliveros and Guro Moe

Second, the performance took place in the magnificent foyer of the new Oslo opera house. Even if it is a large space, we managed to fill it up with all the different stations, equipment and instruments.
Performing in the opera foyer

Third, I got the chance to test my video analysis system in a large space. I placed a Logitech webcam on the balcony approximately 7 meters above the floor. The camera was connected to two 5 meter USB extension cables, and still worked surprisingly well!
Unobtrusive webcam   Camouflaging the electronics

I had 5 speakers placed on the floor along the ceiling. Originally, I thought about using speakers stands, but considering the beautiful wooden wall they were placed in front of, I thought it was more visually pleasing to put them on the floor.
5-channel sound

I used a slightly modified version of the patch I have been working on with artistic research fellow Victoria Johnson, and we both moved in the space, controlling various bell and water sounds that were recorded for the piece.
Exploring the space

Most of the patch was using Jamoma modules, the sound engine was CataRT and spatialisation was done with VBAP.
Computer running Jamoma

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.