Asus eee tricks

When I got my Asus eee a few months ago I tested the built-in OS for about an hour and then decided to install Ubuntu eee (later renamed to Easypeasy) instead. I felt the Xandros OS was too limiting and wanted to test out something more powerful. One of the reasons for buying the eee in the first place was to test whether it would be useful for laptop performance, and then I needed an OS where it was possible to install Chuck, PD and SC3 without any problems. Then Ubuntu was an easy choice over Xandros.

In terms of functionality I have been very happy with Ubuntu eee, but it felt a bit slow in use. Talking to some other people that were happy with the original OS I decided to reinstall Xandros and give it another try.

Reinstalling Xandros took only 5 minutes (!), so getting it to work was a breeze. Xandros certainly feels more limiting than Ubuntu, and there is much less support for audio software. However, since we decided to go for Lenovo laptops in OLO, I will mainly be using the eee for web things, and then Xandros should be fine.

Here are a few hints and tweaks I have done to make it work a little better:

  • Get the terminal: type ctrl-alt-T
  • Change language from the built-in Norwegian to English:
  • Upgrade the software from terminal: “sudo bash”, then “apt-get update” and then “apt-get upgrade”
  • Install applications from eee-download: save the CNR file, right click and choose to open with /opt/xandros/bin/AddSoftwareWizard

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.