Mac Mini and VNC

As part of the Musikkball project, we are making a “music ball troll” for the science fair Forskningstorget in Oslo next week. I have been looking for a solution to make the setup as self-contained as possible, and this includes building a Mac mini into the speaker box founding the base of the “troll”. What is great with the mini is that it is possible to run it headless (without any attached mouse, keyboard and monitor), and control it using Chicken of the VNC from my MacBook. I first tested using OSX vnc on the mini and that worked fine as long as a monitor was connected to the mini, but when I tried to run it headless I had some screen resolution problems in Chicken of the VNC. Running Apple Remote Desktop (which was actually already installed on the system) on the mini instead of OSX vnc solved this problem, and now everything is running smoothly. 

2 thoughts on “Mac Mini and VNC”

  1. I’m a longtime user of VNC myself and since the LCD of my iMac died I’ve been using that with my television and remote from my laptop through ssh. But using the UI would be nice, so I’m looking at my options. Have you tried Apple’s Remote Desktop and compared it with VNC?

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