Open Research puzzle illustration

It is challenging to find good illustrations to use in presentations and papers. For that reason, I hope to help others by sharing some of the illustrations I have made myself. I will share them with a permissive license (CC-BY) to be easily reused for various purposes.

I start with the “puzzle” that I often use in presentations about Open Research. It outlines some of the various parts of the research process and how they can be made (more) open. I often think about the blocks as placed on a timeline from left to right.

An English-language version of my Open Research “puzzle.”

We will have a Norwegian conference on Open Research later this year, so I decided to make a version in Norwegian too for the conference page:

A Norwegian-language version of the Open Research “puzzle.”

Feel free to grab the images above. If you are interested in better versions, I have posted PDFs of both versions and the source presentation files (in PPTX and ODP) on GitHub. So head over there to download either the Norwegian or English files.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.