2023, A Year of Still Standing

Yesterday, I completed my 365 Sound Actions project, during which I recorded one sound action per day as part of preparing for the launch of my book Sound Actions. Today, on 1 January 2023, I start this year’s project: recording myself standing still 10 minutes every day. You can follow the progress on Mastodon. Starting up AMBIENT Although I am happy about completing my sound actions project, I have enjoyed the ritual of doing something every day....

January 1, 2023 · 4 min · 686 words · ARJ

Starting up the AMBIENT project

Today, I am starting up my new research project AMBIENT: Bodily Entrainment to Audiovisual Rhythms. I have recruited a great team and today we will have our first meeting to discuss how to work together in the coming years. I will surely write much about this project on the blog. For now, here is a quick teaser to explain what it is all about:

September 5, 2022 · 1 min · 64 words · ARJ