MP4 to WMV

I have been struggling with creating video files that are easily playable on both OS X and Windows. Of course it is possible to make an avi with some “ancient” video codec, but that is not very tempting when the new H.264 codec is so nice. Of course, it would be nice if Windows users could use QuickTime, but for those who decline to do so, I found an easy way for converting MPEG-4 files to WMV.


I have been thinking about buying a new video camera. As I start to get very tired of working with dv-tapes, I was curious to check out some of the new hd cameras. Seems like it is still a bit early, as I guess the market will change next year, although this JVC GZ-MC500 camcorder looks very sweet.

A 4GB microdrive seems too small, though, and it is unfortunately disqualified since it doesn’t sport a microphone input.