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MoBI’m participating in a workshop in Bergen, and got to meet Gisle Frøysland who is developing MøB, a software for installations and realtime manipulation of digital media in GNU/Linux-based networks. I am looking forward to seeing it in action during the course of the workshop.


The Fogscreen is a new invention which makes objects seem to appear and move in thin air! It is a screen you can walk through! The FogScreen is created by using a suspended fog generating device, there is no frame around the screen. The installation is easy: just replace the conventional screen with FogScreen. You don´t need to change anything else – it works with standard video projectors.The fog we are using is dry, so it doesn’t make you wet even if you stay under the FogScreen device for a long time. The fog is made of ordinary water with no chemicals whatsoever. With two projectors, you can project different images on both sides of the screen.


DBVdbv is a customizable vj tool built with Max/MSP/Jitter. Simple, but with some nice implementation details. I particularly like the way it displays video thumbnails, and adds extra pages if you have more videos than it is space for in the preview pane.