Music Moves on YouTube

We have been running our free online course Music Moves a couple of times on the FutureLearn platform. The course consists of a number of videos, as well as articles, quizzes, etc., all of which help create a great learning experience for the people that take part.

One great thing about the FutureLearn model (similar to Coursera, etc.) is that they focus on creating a complete course. There are many benefits to such a model, not least to create a virtual student group that interact in a somewhat similar way to campus students. The downside to this, of course, is that the material is not accessible to others when the course is not running.

We spent a lot of time and effort on making all the material for Music Moves, and we see that some of it could also be useful in other contexts. This semester, for example, I am teaching a course called Interactive Music, in which some of the videos on motion capture would be very relevant forĀ  the students.

For that reason we have now decided to upload all the Music Moves videos to YouTube, so that everyone can access them. We still encourage interested people to enroll in the complete course, though. The next run on FutureLearn is scheduled to start in September.


One of the more bizarre TV programs ever may be the current screening of Hurtigruten by Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. Following the success of the screening of the train ride from Bergen to Oslo, they are now filming the entire (5+ days) journey of the boat trip from Bergen to Kirkenes.

Here is some info on how and why they are doing this, or you can just follow the journey live here. All the material will be available with a CC license after the journey, which opens up for some creative use of all the footage.