Image size

While generating the videograms of Bergensbanen, I discovered that Max/Jitter cannot export images from matrices that are larger than 32767 pixels wide/tall. This is still fairly large, but if I was going to generate a videogram with one pixel stripe per frame in the video, I would need to create an image file that is 1 302 668 pixels wide.

This made me curious as to what type of limitations exist around images. A very quick run-through has told me this:

  • GraphicConverter: 32 000 pixels
  • Photoshop: 30 000 pixels
  • OSX Preview: 30 000 pixels

So it seems that approx. 30 000 pixels wide/tall is some kind of limit to how large digital pictures can be. I guess there is a memory/storage issue related to this, e.g. related to file sizes not exceeding 2GB. For now I have therefore decided to generate videograms that are maximum 32767 pixels wide, but may decide to make some with several separate videograms instead.