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New publication: Non-Realtime Sonification of Motiongrams

SMC-poster-thumbToday I will present the paper Non-Realtime Sonification of Motiongrams at the Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC) in Stockholm. The paper is based on a new implementation of my sonomotiongram technique, optimised for non-realtime use. I presented a realtime version of the sonomotiongram technique at ACHI 2012 and a Kinect version, the Kinectofon, at NIME earlier this year. The new paper presents the ImageSonifyer application and a collection of videos showing how it works.

Non-Realtime Sonification of Motiongrams


The paper presents a non-realtime implementation of the sonomotiongram method, a method for the sonification of motiongrams. Motiongrams are spatiotemporal displays of motion from video recordings, based on frame-differencing and reduction of the original video recording. The sonomotiongram implementation presented in this paper is based on turning these visual displays of motion into sound using FFT filtering of noise sources. The paper presents the application ImageSonifyer, accompanied by video examples showing the possibilities of the sonomotiongram method for both analytic and creative applications

Jensenius, A. R. (2013). Non-realtime sonification of motiongrams. In Proceedings of Sound and Music Computing, pages 500–505, Stockholm.


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NIME 2013

Back from a great NIME 2013 conference in Daejeon + Seoul! For Norwegian readers out there, I have written a blog post about the conference on my head of department blog. I would have loved to write some more about the conference in English, but I think these images from my Flickr account will have to do for now:


At the last of the conference it was also announced that next year’s conference will be held in London and hosted by the Embodied AudioVisual Interaction Group at Goldsmiths. Future chair Atau Tanaka presented this teaser video:

NIME 2013 deadline approaching


Here is a little plug for the submission deadline for this year’s NIME conference. I usually don’t write so much about deadlines here, but as the current chair of the international steering committee for the conference series, I feel that I should do my share in helping to spread the word. The NIME conference is a great place to meet academics, designers, technologists, and artists, all working on creating weird instruments and music. Here is some more information about this year’s conference:

NIME 2013 will be hosted by the Graduate School of Culture Technology at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)Daejeon, Korea, and will also feature a series of special events in Seoul.

There are four submission categories, all with a deadline of 1 February:

Chair of the NIME Steering Committee

At the last day of this year’s NIME conference in Oslo I was not only elected as a member of the international steering committee (SC) for the NIME conference series, but I was also elected as the new chair for the SC. This is exciting, particularly since I will be the first NIME SC chair ever. Since the start in 2001, the conference has seen a rapid growth, and we now see that it is time to formalise the structure of the organisation a bit. That said, we find it important to keep the NIME conference as a bottom-up, user-driven, grassroots event.

I am looking forwards to keeping move the conference series forwards, and to get more people involved in making and playing new NIMEs for themselves.