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MusikkballMusic Ball Project We are building prototypes for “musical balls” that can be used as new interfaces for musical expression. This project is a collaboration between NOTAM, University of Oslo, Oslo School of Architecture and Design and McGill University.


Voice, Dance & Electronics 5 December 2005, ZEB + Blå, Oslo I have been involved in an improvisation project with singer Maria Fonneløp and dancer Åshild Martella Ravndal Salthe, where we have been experimenting with sounds, new interfaces and the use of movement to create music.

LydskattejaktenLydskattejakten – Sound Treasure Hunt September- October 2005, Ladegården, Oslo 11 – 16 October 2004, Ladegården, Oslo I have done the sound programming for a large sound installation where school classes will come and take part in a “sound treasure hunt”. Their choices will govern the final musical performance.

Inspiritus 7-28 October 2005, Oslo Cathedral I developed the sound part of an installation by sculptor Grete Refsum in the crypt of the Oslo Cathedral. Using video analysis, people’s movements will be tracked and different voice excerpts will be played back in a multichannel audio setup.

Memorabilia 12 August 2005, Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway I have developed a large Max/MSP patch for composer Eivind Buene for his Memorabilia project, featuring Frode Gjerstad (saxophones), Håkon Mørch Stene (percussion), Thomas Nilsson (percussion), Kevin Norton (vibraphones) and live electronics. The 60 minute piece was played at in an old brewery, now Tou Scene during the International Chamber music festival in Stavanger.

WaveCamp Based on my long experience with the European Space Camp, I have initiated WaveCamp which will be a summer camp for young persons interested in music and technology. Located at Steilene, a group of islands in the Oslo archipelago, the camp will gather 24 young Nordic participants (17-19 years old) to learn about music technology, and build an interactive sound installation controlled by the natural elements at Steilene.

Emergence 20 November 2004, Huddersfield, England 10 October 2004, Aulaen, Oslo I developed the electronics part, and played joystick, in “Emergence” a piece for solo accordion (Frode Haltli), orchestra (Oslo Sinfonietta) and live electronics by British composer Sam Hayden. All instruments are routed through the patch, and used as a basis for various spatialisation, filtering and delay effects.

Atlas 9-12 September 2004, Black Box, Oslo I made a system for displaying coordinated live video on 3 screens, with network communication between several computers. The system was used for live visuals during the “Atlas” performance by MobileHomes.

Interaktiv messeInteraktiv messe 29 August 2004, Betong, Oslo 22 August 2004, Østsia, HiA, Kristiansand 02-04 July 2004, Music & Mission Festival,Risøya 21 June 2004, Ungdommens kirkemøte,Drammen In cooperation with The NorwegianStudent Christian Movement we developed an experimental Christianservice where both content and structure was governed by the peoplepresent. Lots of sensors, computers, screens and speakers filled theroom, and projected all the content.

Ship for World YouthShip for World Youth I participated in SWY16, a two month cruise organized by the Japanese government: Tokyo -> Singapore -> Bombay -> The Seychelles -> Tanzania -> Singapore -> Tokyo. I made the official Norwegian web site, have also made a separate web gallery showing some more experimental things.

Flexing Swine I used to perform in venues around Göteborg with art&technology orchestra Flexing Swine, featuring live audio and video from laptops in (dis)harmony.

The Case of the Mölndal Murder 17-20 December 2003, Mölndal Museum, Göteborg, Sweden A non-linear, interactive art&technology project using PDAs and bluetooth technology. Made by Leon Cullinane, Sue Huang, Olof Persson, Alexander Refsum Jensenius.

Peer Peer 14 September 2005, Bærum kulturhus 31 March 2004 , Ibsen-museet, Oslo 29 November 2003, Henie Onstad kunstmuseum, Høvikodden A multi-channel electroacoustic piece paraphrasing different musical versions of the play Peer Gynt (Grieg, Schnitke, Sæverud). The piece was commissioned by Bærum Bildende Kunstnere for the opening of an exhibition featuring works on the theme “Peer Gynt”.

Rosary Series 12-19 October 2003, Skårer Museum, Lørenskog, Norway Multichannel sound design for installation of Rosary Series, meditation objects made by Grete Refsum. The sculptures had matching sounds reflecting the different themes.

Master Exam Concert 21 November 2002, ZEB, Oslo My exam concert featured pieces for keys, strings and live electronics.

Laser Dance 30 Nov – 1 Dec 2001The Norwegian Academy of Ballet and Dance, Oslo Interactive sound for dance performance by choreographer Mia Habib, using lasers and infrared sensors for controlling the sound.

Vesper 2000 26 November 2000, St. Dominic Church, Oslo A catholic evening prayer for mixed voices, flute, piano and electronics. Usingthe traditional text and new music. (in the news)

Musical: Tro og Tvil July 1998, St. Hallvard Church, Oslo A 45 minute musical written together with Sindre Nilsen, created at a summer camp organised by the Norwegian Young Catholic Association.

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