The Fogscreen is a new invention which makes objects seem to appear and move in thin air! It is a screen you can walk through! The FogScreen is created by using a suspended fog generating device, there is no frame around the screen. The installation is easy: just replace the conventional screen with FogScreen. You donĀ“t need to change anything else – it works with standard video projectors.The fog we are using is dry, so it doesn’t make you wet even if you stay under the FogScreen device for a long time. The fog is made of ordinary water with no chemicals whatsoever. With two projectors, you can project different images on both sides of the screen.


Clothtraer.physics is a particle system physics engine for the Processing video programming environment. The user community of Processing seems to be growing rapidly these days, and from my few tests of the language it seems to be stable and efficient.

Would be interesting to see if it is possible to combine Processing with Max/MSP/Jitter. OSC is one option, but it would be nice if someone made a wrapper so that it could be possible to run Processing from a Max object.