Time Machine

I had my first go at restoring a file using Time Machine today. Looking for a Keynote presentation, I realised that I had kept only the PDF of the presentation and not the original presentation file. Not really sure how that happened, but, anyway, the file was lost.

I have had Time Machine running on my computer ever since I upgraded to X.5, and have been wondering whether it would be worth the extra CPU peaks that appear every hour or so when it activates and copies changed files. After this incident, and after luckily retrieving the deleted file, I have to agree that the solution is actually working very well! I could have done without the Star Wars-like effects and looks of the program, though…

Set headphone volume level on Intel Macs

Macworld: Mac OS X Hints: Set headphone volume level on Intel Macs

If you’ve got a new Intel-powered Mac, here’s a feature you may not have even known you had. For years, all Macs have had the ability to have different volume levels for different inputs. Plug in a USB-powered iMic, for instance, and you can set its output volume level independently of that of your internal speakers.

Compare or merge two folders’ contents

I had some SVN problems, and figured it would probably be faster to do a full new checkout rather than trying to figure out the mysteries of the .svn folders. But then I realized that I had made some uncommitted changes in the old folder, and started brushing up on my unix diff commands. While looking for some hints on this, I came across this Mac OS X Hint on how to compare two folders. The little program FileMerge is included in /Developer/Applications/Utilities. Works like a charm!