Set headphone volume level on Intel Macs

Macworld: Mac OS X Hints: Set headphone volume level on Intel Macs

If you’ve got a new Intel-powered Mac, here’s a feature you may not have even known you had. For years, all Macs have had the ability to have different volume levels for different inputs. Plug in a USB-powered iMic, for instance, and you can set its output volume level independently of that of your internal speakers.

Compare or merge two folders’ contents

I had some SVN problems, and figured it would probably be faster to do a full new checkout rather than trying to figure out the mysteries of the .svn folders. But then I realized that I had made some uncommitted changes in the old folder, and started brushing up on my unix diff commands. While looking for some hints on this, I came across this Mac OS X Hint on how to compare two folders. The little program FileMerge is included in /Developer/Applications/Utilities. Works like a charm!