Flat Earth on Wikipedia

In a rather bizarre Wikipedia discussion about the flatness of Earth, I found an interesting statement:

– At the scale of less than 10^-9 meters or so, the earth is a space has an undefinable shape.
– From about 10^-9 meters through to about 10^4 meters, the earth is flat.
– From about 10^4 meters to about 10^9 meters the earth is a sphere.
– At the scale of anything greater than about 10^9 meters, the earth is a point.

I guess the morale is that everything is relative.

Open Sound Control forum

The CNMAT people have made a forum at the Open Sound Control site. OSC is a way of communicating musical information between devices, much in the same way as MIDI, but without all the problems of MIDI (low resolution etc). Although OSC seems to have gained ground in the research community, I think we all have to support it more if it is ever going to be accepted by the commercial industry.

Mirror Neurons

The concept of mirror neurons was discovered at the University of Parma, Italy some years back, and shows how we have the same neural activitiy whether we do a movement ourselves or just watch someone else doing it. NOVA has made an excellent documentary about mirror neurons.