{.vrtx-introduction} IRCAM is proposing a workshop on GDIF & SpatDIF 20-21 May. The invitation e-mail sent to the GDIF mailing list is attached below. Interested people should contact Baptiste Caramiaux directly to show their interest.

We propose to organize at IRCAM a meeting/workshop about the GDIF and SpatDIF projects. Such an event could be very interesting to make an update of the current issues and choices made by the different research groups, and possibly to decide on further collaborative actions.

We would like to propose to discuss the following topics:

  • common file formats and tools for gesture, spatialization and sound description data
  • data exchange and shared data bases in the context of research and music production
  • *articulation between common tools and domain specific aspects *

Our proposal is to meet at IRCAM from Thursday May 20th (starting 2:00pm?) to Friday May 21st (until 4:00pm) (with the idea people could travel on Thursday morning and leave on Friday evening).

Unfortunately, note that we don’t have any budget for such an event, so we cannot reimburse any travel, but we would do our best to setup a nice collaborative environment. We could also setup an internet connection for the people who couldn’t travel.

In order to confirm this date, please inform us asap if you are interested and could attend this meeting.

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