Multiple USB webcams working at the same time

After working happily with FW-products for many years, the recent trend of disappearing FW-ports have made me look for USB-based solutions. For hard drives the switch has been easy, and I also recently got my first USB-based sound card. The hardest part has been to figure out how to handle video cameras.

I have been using various Unibrain cameras for years, and have gotten used to the simplicity of being able to hook up multiple cameras to one computer. Last year when I tried hooking up multiple USB-based webcams to a computer (Windows, since they didn’t work on OSX at all), only one could work at a time. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I found that Logitech’s QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac actually works well on OSX, and you can even have several of them running at the same time (see screenshot)! Now the only problem is the auto-focus and auto-contrast which tend to cause problems in video analysis (particularly when doing background subtraction).

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

One thought on “Multiple USB webcams working at the same time”

  1. Hi Alexarje,

    I was searching about how I can use two same USB webcams simultaneously connecting to a PC.
    I saw your comment. I found that just a few webcams can support this idea.
    Actually, I want to make a stereo camera. So, I need two USB webcams of a brand and type.
    I want to know, does QuickCam Vision Pro works for me?
    Do you have any other idea?


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