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There has been quite a lot of media interest concerning my PhD disputation last week. A Norwegian news search engine reports some 80 appearances, and this is not counting all the radio interviews I have done… Here are some examples:



“Dr. air guitar” they call me! Strange how this air guitar thing has become the main issue. We did do an air guitar study, but this was only one of several observation studies. I have tried to talk about music and movement, but the titles have ended up with air guitar… Anyway, here is actually a real soon-to-be doctor of air guitar.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

2 thoughts on “Press coverage”

  1. >> Strange how this air guitar thing has become the main issue.

    Not so strange really, I did the ScanpixNTB video report that went out to something like 40 online newspapers.

    Your study is complex and timeconsuming to explain to “ordinary people”. The air guitar is something that “everyone ” can relate to without having to serv an indepeth report.

    My time to film and edtit a story is limited, and how long a story can be is limited.

    If I worked for a science or a culture magasine the story would have been told very differently, but the audience would also have been much more limited in terms of numbers.

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