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MultiControlI have received a constant stream of questions for an Intel-version of the little MultiControl software I made many years ago. MultiControl makes it easy to use any standard game controller (HID compatible) to control music software through OSC or MIDI. Still only for OS X, but a Windows version will follow at some point.

A UB-version of the application is now available here, and I will try and get around to making a Windows version one day.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

7 thoughts on “MultiControl is updated”

  1. What about saving a setup? It does not work on my macbook pro with Tiger 10.4.9.

    A reference .XML file would be enough, so one could adapt the own settings. With the save feature functional, it would be really one of the easiest to use tools.

  2. Sorry, there seems to be something wrong with the preset function. I am rather busy writing up my dissertation these days, but will try and look into this as soon as possible.

  3. That sounds great!

    But would’nt it be possible to make just a little fix, before the 2.6. ?
    I’m having a gig on that date, and would really like to use your tool!

    Don’t feel stressed, if it is not possible, I am waiting patiently…

  4. hey… did you ever get around to getting the save function working? I agree with jan, if saving worked it’d be the easiest thing ever.

  5. You sir, have created a life saver of a product. I’ve been scouring the web for something like this for ages!

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