Concert at the Academy

nmh-concertDagsavisen wrote a story about the experimental concert I played with Kjell Tore Innervik (quarter tone marimba) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet). I had brought down a bunch of equipment from my office to the Music Academy, including a couple of music balls, a Lemur, game controllers and some video cameras. It took a couple of days to get everything up and running, but it has been great fun to make everything work and explore the musical possibilities.

Using some of the video modules in Jamoma, I made a small setup where Kjell Tore can trigger and control effects in Ableton Live while he is moving behind the marimbas. It works more or less ok, but we need to make a setup which is easier to calibrate. Right now it needs somewhat stable lighting, but it should be possible to make it adjust automatically to account for changing lights.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.

2 thoughts on “Concert at the Academy”

  1. Hei på deg, Moro at du fikk lagt dette ut!
    Er dt noen mulighet å spare litt arbeid å send skanningen av avisen til meg…?

    Sjekket teabox + sensorer. virker utrolig kult, Det må testes.

    Sinnsykk bra nett side!

  2. Hello Alexander.
    I totally agree, it was great fun to make everything work! It has an enormus potansial, and the feeling of playing with the wideotracking elements were great. As you are aware of it is sensible and need tuning and the performer need to rehears and make this to a itegrated part of the instrument. (hyperinstrument)

    Great web pages Alexander!

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