Music troll performance

Music trollI performed with the music troll yesterday. It has been resting in the lab for a couple of months, and was a bit “rusty” to start up. What caused the biggest headache was to get my performance patches to work on my new MacBook. Last month I found that PeRColate was released as UB, but I hadn’t tested them. First I had problems making Max finding them, which seemed to be because of the source-folder resting in the path (thanks to mzed for the tip). But when I finally got them working, they perform really sluggishly on my system (particularly metashaker~). Whenever I change the energy parameter, only a few “grains” are played every second, as opposed the continuous stream I am used to. The strange things is that they seems to be output at an even rate. I have been using these objects extensively on my previous systems, so something is definitely wrong. PeRColate is still only in UB-beta so I hope they will look into this problem for future releases.

Since I didn’t get the percussion sounds to work from the troll, I decided to bring along a couple of other music balls to fill in. It worked ok, but the setup became much more messy than I would have liked. The cool thing about the troll is that it is supposed to be self-contained, with all the electronics hidden away inside the box. Now I had gear and cables all over the place…

The troll is supposed to be up and running at an exhibition at the university in early January, so I will have to fix everything by then. Just need to find an empty slot of time.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.