ICMC 2006 – Saturday 11 (Day 6)

Interesting things from ICMC 2006 day 6:

Matt Wright (CNMAT) talked about CNMAT’s work on augmented guitar and 6-string cello, based on a hexaphonic setup of piezo elements on each string.


Mark Zadel (McGill) had an interesting survey of laptop performance. He commented that this type of music is often very dense and with complex soundscapes. Most commercial “live software” are made so that musical elements can be laid out tightly beforehand, and everything is quantized so much that it is impossible to make any big mistakes during the performance. He called this “piloting” systems, where the performer navigates through patches were only a few parameters are open for performance control.


He also showed his own software, Different Strokes, which is controlled by a wacom tablet.


Stephen David Beck (ICAST, Louisiana State University) talked about challenges in the setup of a 24 channel speaker rig (which has been in use during ICMC). One of the big challenges they have been working on is to reduce the complexity of controlling the system, and how they are using the Lemur for control. For future work he suggested Sound Lighting as a way of creating sound cues somehow similar to theatrical lighting.


Reginald Bain (xMUSE, South Carolina) presented SLAPI, a natural interval player and tuning calculator.


I swapped the ICMC afternoon session with a swamp tour, and got to see some alligators…


In the evening concert Dan trueman presented Transparent Body, a piece for dancers and his rig of violin and multispeakers.


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