ICMC statistics

I was curious to see some demographic figures for this year’s ICMC, so I looked up the number of times various countries are mentioned in the PDF program booklet:

USA: 232
Canada: 47
Mexico: 40
Korea: 38
Germany: 37
UK: 31
France: 31
Japan: 31
Italy: 30
Netherlands: 14
Ireland: 14
Brazil: 12
China: 11
Spain: 11
Switzerland: 11
Portugal: 10
Singapore: 8
Russia: 8
Hong Kong: 7
Sweden: 7
Norway: 7
Estonia: 6
Turkey: 6
Greece: 5
Denmark: 5
Poland: 4
Hungary: 4
Belgium: 3
Lithuania: 2
Finland: 1

Nothing particularly surprising here. The program booklet is mostly about the performances, tough, so I wish I had a PDF of the proceedings to check if the same holds for the scientific papers. It would also be interesting to compare these numbers to last year’s ICMC in Barcelona. I have a feeling that the European representation was larger there. I have a CD-ROM with the proceedings from last year lying around somewhere so I will check this when I get back to Oslo.

It would be interesting to do a systematic and larger scale study of demographical trends in music technology, but I guess I should leave that until after my dissertation is done…

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.