Apple Remote Control

I am getting adjusted to my new MacBook and have realized that the remote control is a funny little thing. Cool features:

  • Works with Keynote
  • Holding down play button puts the computer to sleep
  • Shows up as “Apple IR” using HI in Max/MSP, so that it can be used for controlling anything there. Only problem is that I can’t turn off the system functions while using it in Max.

To avoid people taking control over a presentation, here’s a short description of how it is possible to pair the remote:

  1. Invade your iMac’s personal space by getting up close to it (about 3 or 4 inches away)
  2. Point the remote at the Apple logo on the front of your Mac.
  3. Press and hold the Menu and Next/Fast-forward buttons simultaneously on the remote for 5 seconds.

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Alexander Refsum Jensenius is a music researcher and research musician living in Oslo, Norway.