Flat Earth on Wikipedia

In a rather bizarre Wikipedia discussion about the flatness of Earth, I found an interesting statement:

– At the scale of less than 10^-9 meters or so, the earth is a space has an undefinable shape.
– From about 10^-9 meters through to about 10^4 meters, the earth is flat.
– From about 10^4 meters to about 10^9 meters the earth is a sphere.
– At the scale of anything greater than about 10^9 meters, the earth is a point.

I guess the morale is that everything is relative.

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  1. Way back when I studied geophysics these distinctions were quite important when studying waves and currents/wind on various scales. For plain waves the earth rotation was ignored completely. In the case of geostrophic wind the coriolis acceleration or rotation of the earth is considered constant, in other words the earth is flat. In order to explain Rossby waves coriolis aceleration was considered to change linearly with latitude. I suppose that implied the assumption that the earth has a parabolic shape…

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